How to grow your Avon Business

How To Grow Your Avon Business

Ways and places to prospect & Promote Your Business and Have Fun Doing it!

Ways to Promote

  1. Avon Business Cards: Give them to everyone you meet. You can make them up for free at You can also have them print and ship your documents directly to you with their WePrint program.
  2. Avon checks: You can go to and order customized printed checks. Every time you write a check you are promoting your business.
  3. Mailing List: Send out a newsletter promoting specials, and product info at least once a month. I use mailchimp. A Free program to send out newsletters.
  4. Avon Tote bags: These act as an advertising tool when you deliver your orders. And they are loved by all. I got mine at a place from the Avon advantage partners Called The Oakwood Group, my second year into the company. However Oakwood is no longer associated with Avon you can still order them through Town and country which is in the Avon community page and Avon advantage tab.
  5. Offer customer appreciation Month: Have different “Specials planned each campaign & tag in brochure.
  6. Avon parties and open houses: Invite friends over and ask them to bring a friend. Have refreshments available, give some samples, and demo a few products. Great place to build strong and loyal relationships with customers.
  7. Bulletin Boards: Post flyers promoting your business at grocery stores, laundromats, schools, any where that a place has a bulletin board and don’t mind you posting to it.
  8. Welcome Wagons: There are many communities that have some form of” Welcome to the Neighborhood” organization. Find out if yours has one and request to have a what’s new packet with a brochure, sample and special offer for first order included.
  9. Follow Up! If no orders, place a call to a loyal and new potential customers(with whom you gave a brochure to).A simple reminder and follow up call will get you more orders.

Places to Promote

  1. Garage sales. Pick neighborhood walks and sales.
  2. Local malls or retail outlets: Target the customers as well as the workers.
  3. Grocery Stores. Talk to someone in each department.
  4. Real estate offices: New home owners gifts and Realtor purchases
  5. Travel agencies: Travel pack free from Avon.  Present an offer to travel agency that you will give them a free travel pack to anyone who books a trip with them in exchange for a mention about it in their advertisement. The Travel pack can include What’s new bag with a brochure, Note card stating: Please enjoy these complimentary products on your trip.Also feel free to browse the enclosed brochure and call me if you would like to take advantage of a one time 10% discount offer – anything in this brochure. Please call (insert name and number)  by (insert date), product sample.
  6. Convenience marts give a brochure to those who are pumping gas.
  7. Restaurants offer the Avon Earning opportunity to your waitress, leave a brochure with a tip.
  8. Festivals, Community Markets, job fairs. CheI would like to join Avon where can I sign up?ck into setting up a table at these events, they make a great place to meet other people.

What’s Next?


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I am an Avon Independent sales rep. and national recruiter, I have been with Avon for just over 5 years. I am a stay at home wife and mother to a beautiful dog named Kasey.

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