Avon Brochure 26

Avon Brochure 26

View Avon Brochure 26 Online

Avon Campaign 26 is effective online 12/1/15- 12/11/15

To view the current Avon Campaign Brochure click here

Click the images below to view Avon Brochure 26

Avon Campaign introduces the newest scent Attraction for him/her.


View Avon Campaign 26 Brochures.

View Avon Campaign 26 Brochures including,



















Shop Avon Campaign 26

To shop the Avon Campaign 26 Brochure, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to https://debhunter.avonrepresentative.com/
  2. click on the shop now tab at the right hand side of your screen.
  3. click on shop by product # link at the top right hand side of this screen.
  4. You are now ready to put in your order info, and be able to check out quickly and easily. Be sure to put in the correct campaign # from which you are ordering from.
  5. Don’t forget to order a FREE brochure to be included with your order.

Back ordering

Did you know that you can back order from the previous two campaigns? For instance this is campaign 26, so you would be able to back order from Campaign 25 and 24 brochures.

How do I Back order from the previous two campaigns?

To order from the past two campaigns and get those deals and sales, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to: https://debhunter.avonrepresentative.com/
  2. click on the quick Item entry link on the right hand side of the screen. (just under shop my Ebrochure).
  3. You are now looking at the shop by product # screen as listed above.
  4. when you are ready to put in your info use the drop down menu in each field to select the correct campaign # you wish to order from. This will ensure that you get the sales and deals from that particular campaign.


What’s Next?


Interested in joining Avon?


How much does it cost to join Avon? It only cost $15 to join. When you decide to join you will get your started back in the mail from Avon with in a few days. In the mean time while you wait for the kit to come, you will have access to an Avon online shop that is awaiting for you to set up, and share with your family and friends to shop from.

Your kit will consists of 20 brochures, 10 for the current Campaign, and 10 for the next campaign, 2-3 full size products to show your new customers. Samples, an Avon button to wear, an order book, and a work book to help you get started.


Your Avon $15 starter kit!

How do you sell Avon?

There are two ways to sell Avon, one is Face to face, handing a brochure to everyone, and anyone you know and everywhere you go. The second one is online, using your Avon online Estore link that you pass on to others by putting the link on the back of your brochures, business cards, etc.

There are two ways to earn.  1. You will earn through your personal sales, face to face and online through through your Estore. 2. Through your Team sales.

When you’re ready, start building your team. It all starts with recruiting.

Share your love of Avon by inviting others to join your team.

Show your team how to earn through personal and team sales.

Inspire your team to share their beautiful story with others.

When you’re in Sales Leadership, the earnings and rewards available to you are amazing. As you grow in yourSales Leadership title, your earnings grow! Check out the latest incentive programs to see how you can maximize your earnings and rewards when you grow your team!

What’s Next?


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  1. facebook page: www.facebook.com/debsbeautycove
  2. Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/deborahdhunter/
  3. Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/+DeborahHunterAvonISR
  4. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deborahhunteravonrep


Buy Avon online

Sell Avon online








I am an Avon Independent sales rep. and national recruiter, I have been with Avon for just over 5 years. I am a stay at home wife and mother to a beautiful dog named Kasey.

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