Healthy Breakfast recipes

Sugar Free, Flour Free Healthy Breakfast Recipes.

FotoliaComp_70053652_Wgvo8y9njOMXUsrdi5QNM8046GkeC31Y_W95Do you suffer from sugar cravings? Did you know that white flour is sugars next door neighbor? it is true. white flour and sugar are equal in the cravings dept. Check out this article on sugar and flour.

Here are some healthy sugar free and flour free breakfast Recipes that I use which are delicious and very filling.

Apples Oats, Tofu and Yogurt

Ingredients: 6 oz. apples chopped (weighed and measured on scales)

1 cup plain non fat yogurt, 8 oz. tofu, 1/2 cup plain old fashioned oatmeal.

Prep: (to weigh your food accurately on the scales,( I prefer a digital scale), Tare, or zero out before adding new food into the mixture.) This recipe is good chilled in the refrigerator before eating, but I have used it the same day I prepare it.

  1. Cut up apple and remove the seeds, place in a large bowl, weigh and measure on scale.
  2. Next cut up the tofu to weigh about 8 oz.
  3. Add 1/2 cup of old fashioned oatmeal.(uncooked)
  4. Add the cup of plain yogurt. (Greek yogurt can also be used here)

Next: Stir all ingredients together for a good mixture , and put into the refrigerator to chill.

Mush: A mixture of berries and eggs and yogurt and oatmeal together.

Ingredients: 2 eggs  or 1/2 cup egg sub., 6 oz. mixed berries, 1 cup yogurt and 1/2 cup oatmeal.

Weigh and measure as before, mix the eggs berries and oatmeal together in a medium size bowl. Microwave for 2 minutes.

Add the yogurt and mix, and enjoy.

For more recipes like this, check out the links below.

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Sugar and flour addiction

Note:While I do enjoy the recipes above, I do not completely agree with everything these sites talk about. I am not an expert on this topic, This is posted merely for informational resources. 


I am an Avon Independent sales rep. and national recruiter, I have been with Avon for just over 5 years. I am a stay at home wife and mother to a beautiful dog named Kasey.

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