View Avon Campaign 26 online Brochures

View Avon Campaign 26 Brochures online.

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Avon Brochure 26. Click to browse.

Avon Campaign 26 is effective online 11/29- 12/10 2014

Avon Campaign 26 brings in huge savings on make up and skin care needs.  Starting with the Anti-Aging Event on pages 1-9 of the Ebrochure. And check in the Makeup section of the Ebrochure for a huge makeup sale.

For FREE shipping codes check my blog page here

Don’t forget that there is still time to get your Christmas shopping done with the beautiful gift ideas and sets  featured here and other in the Avon Campaign 26 Brochure.








To view the Current online Brochure click here:

 Shop Avon Brochure online

Once you have finished viewing the Avon campaign 26 brochure you can quickly put in your info and checkout.

1. go to

2. Click the SHOP NOW link at the top right hand corner of the page.

3. on the next screen click on the shop by product# link on the top right corner (next two shop my Ebrochure). This will be take you to the online order form.

4. Now you are ready to put in your order, use this form to quickly put in your order info. Make sure to use the drop down menus to select the correct campaign from which you are ordering.

(NOTE) You can back order from the previous two campaigns. Example: we are on campaign 25 you can order from that campaign and campaign 24 and 23 by using the drop down menu to select the correct campaign in which you want to order.


Have you ever thought about becoming an Avon Representative yourself?

AVON (1)

Become an Avon Representative for $15! Start Now

for more information on how to become an Avon representative  go here

Here are just a few good reasons to become an Avon Rep.

1. It is only $15 to start,

2. You hate your JOB (just over Broke)

3. You are your own boss, you work your own hours.

4. You can stay at home and spend more time with your family.

5, you can work it however you want to work it.. online, offline or both.

6. You get FREE training, and a FREE website.

7. You do not have to do any home parties!

Does this sound good to you. I know it did to me. Click the link above to get started.

Or for more into contact me  using the form below.


I am an Avon Independent sales rep. and national recruiter, I have been with Avon for just over 5 years. I am a stay at home wife and mother to a beautiful dog named Kasey.

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