Five Fabulous buys

Check out the five fabulous buys of Campaign 19!

1. First is the newest in mascara Avon Big and Daring mascara.

2. The next one is new line of lip stick color

The new Ultra Color Bold Lipstick
($5.99) features intense color,with 50% more pigment packed into every stick!
I really think that the new bold lipstick and Big and Daring mascaa will go great with each other.
It time to get BOLD. All perfect for going about your daily routine around town.
3. Next is what to wear on your feet while you are out and about with those nice shades of color and new mascara.
The New Cushion Walk collection. on sale in the brochure for $44.99
4. When you are home and tired from a full day of working or shopping  why not slip into a nice bubble bath with the new Seasonal bubble bath scents.
limited-edition scents:Fresh Orchard Apple and Sugar & Walnut. The scents are available in Bubble DelightBubble Bath and Avon NaturalsHydrating Shower Gel and
Body Lotion at special prices.
5. Then light a candle with our new Scented candles with scents like whipped pumpkin and salted caramel to name just a few… Check the brochure for more into. all at
a special price of $9.99 each.
These are just a few of the great buys that are available in the Campaign 19 Brochure!!



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